Important Information. is not an organized event. It is a collection of routes provided free of charge for you to ride. If you want to be listed as a finisher for a ride then you must complete it on the specified ride date.
You must be fully self sufficient, there is no support, there are no route markers, marshals, feed stations or recovery available. All we provide is a route file for you to follow on your own navigation device.

On the day of the ride you must start and finish on that day. You need to upload your ride file to Strava by 10pm on the day to be listed as a finisher.

The Forest of Dean is a very busy tourist and leisure location. The trails you will be riding on are open to the public and depending on the time of year and the weather could be very busy with walkers, families, dogs and other cyclists. Please ride responsibly, be nice, say “Hi” and obey the highway code on road sections. accepts no liability for any incidents that occur during your ride. You are solely responsible for your own safety and the safety of others around you. Most of all – remember rule No.1, “Don`t be a dick!”

What Equipment Do I Need?

1. A well maintained bike. Gravel bikes are ideal, as are hardtail xc or cx bikes. We recommend a 35mm + tyre (40mm is our choice) ideally with some tread if its wet.

2. A device to follow the provided route and a map (digital or paper) as a backup.

3. Spares. Tubes, levers, trail tool, patches, quick link, pump.

4. Food and water for the duration of the ride. All rides pass through towns but you may not find much open on a Sunday or during a night ride.

5. Appropriate clothing for the conditions. Parts of the forest are very open and exposed. Please check the forecast and dress accordingly.

How Technical/Physically Demanding Is It?

The Forest is a very hilly area. You will find you are either going up, or coming down. There is very little if any flat riding. Rides generally have 1000ft of elevation for every 10 miles ridden. want to be inclusive and open to as wide a range of fitness as possible, and to encourage all levels to join in. The Turkey Run is the easiest of all the rides and aims to be rideable for anyone with a “good” level of fitness. Other rides will require more effort and stamina, with the Sunday In Hell ride being the biggest test. It is advised to only attempt this ride if you have very high levels of fitness, it is a real test.

The riding follows the same pattern. The shorter rides, Turkey Run, Into the Darkness are not technical at all. The two longer rides will include some technical sections (less than 5% of total distance). Only ride within your own comfort level. If you don’t like the look of it then walk the section, they are only short.