A Sunday in Hell 2021 – Finishers

Wow! What a day that was, hot, hot, hot.

Huge congratulations to everyone that managed to finish the route in those scorching conditions. Some of you were out there for close to 10 hours!

It was great to meet and ride with some of you around the route, and the feedback so far has been very complimentary about the course design. Its a tough thing to do for such a young discipline. Everyone has a different idea of what “gravel” riding should be. As the name suggests this one is supposed to be tough both technically and physically.

These rides are free but there are significant costs involved in running them. As a way to try and offset this cost slightly there are a range of DirtyDevil.cc t-shirts available here.

So, here they are the finishers for 2021. Strava is rubbish for collating these results so if you don’t see your name and wish to be included then please email a link to your Strava ride to admin@dirtydevil.cc

Rider NameOverall Time
Justin Freeman5.43.53
Richard Johnson5.54.47
George Walker5.55.59
Jack Eveleigh5.59.38
Ben Warren6.19.44
Tim Crossman6.32.52
Niel S (Pcc)6.34.06
Jezza James6.36.12
Richard Johnson6.47.48
Gordon Daniel7.53.26
Webster Wickham7.55.33
Ian Warr7.58.32
Russell Morey8.11.06
Stuart Mackay8.12.47
Rob Macrostie9.35.59
Nicola Saxon9.37.31

See you on the next ride!